“Created To Rule”

Created to Rule guides you through a thorough study of God’s original intent in creating humans…rulership. Man is created to rule over the three main spheres of life, the Sea, Air, and Land. God has given man such power to subdue and have dominion over the earth, but man seems to be under the control of the elements of the earth. In this book Grace Oby Johnson has diligently shown how subduing the three realms of the earth will bring you into wealth. Wealth creation for God’s Kingdom purposes is the main focus of this book.

The secrets within these pages could be the Golden Key you have searched for a lifetime to find. Especially when you grasp the profound mystery known to the wealthy about investing. – Dr. Mike Murdock, Wisdom Center, Denton, Dallas TX.

In this book, Created to Rule, Pastor Grace Oby Johnson has carefully laid out the principles and precepts for children of God to get on horses and rule, to have dominion. – Pastor E.A. Adeboye, General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Lagos Nigeria.

Grace Oby Johnson brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge of dominion and empowerment to the table for the believer who aspires to live on a higher dimension. God is about to get His church ready for a great wealth transfer, and this book will be one of the manuals for preparing believers. – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC), London, UK.

“The Holy Spirit & You”



In The HOLY SPIRIT & YOU, Grace Oby Johnson introduces the Person of the Holy Spirit in a thought provoking manner that enables the believer desire a more intimate walk with Him. Your Christian life will be enriched as you read through this book.

From cover to cover, The Holy Spirit & You is filled with practical and inspirational insights on how you can have an encounter with the third Person of the Trinity. You will begin to feel His presence in a way you have never experienced before. His fruit and gifts in you will become so prominent that you will be able to live as a witness to His workings in your life.

Also available in French Language
Le Saint Espirit & Vous





Grace O. Johnson reveals the possibilities of you as a believer setting yourself free from the Spirit of Witchcraft. Witchcraft is the dominant evil force that controls the world system today. Unfortunately it seems to have some wicked hold also on the Body of Christ on earth.
In her usual compelling style, Grace O. Johnson, offers profound biblical insights and time proven principles on:

How to enforce the victory of Jesus Christ.
Fighting from a winning side.
You can deliver yourself from demonic inheritances.
Exposing the activities of the Spirit of Witchcraft.

Discover how to break the hold of the Spirit of Witchcraft off you and your loved ones. Pastors discover how to discern this wicked spirit of darkness.

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Audio Messages

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