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Covenant Partners With Pastor Grace

Who are the Covenant Partners?
The Covenant Partners with Pastor Grace are people who have a desire to reach more souls for the Lord Jesus Christ beyond their geographical locations. They enter into covenant relationship with Pastor Grace as they give financially and pray to enable her go to nations of the earth to disciple leaders for the Lord Jesus Christ.

A covenant should be an Unbreakable Agreement between two persons or two parties to either act or refrain from carrying out a particular thing.

This Relationship encompasses support for the Vision in the following ways:
  • Spiritual support - through prayers and fasting for her, her family and the work
  • Financial support - through a regular financial contribution for specific projects
  • Running with the vision - facilitating the success of the vision in every way
Become a Covenant Partner with Pastor Grace in taking the Gospel to other nations of the World. God can use you in several ways as a partner to support the work of God right where you are. All we require of you is to support us with your prayers, moral and financial support. Give financially in a regular pattern to partner with Pastor Grace in reaching more people for Christ through the media ministry.

Projects for 2008/2009

  • Raising 3,000 Partners who will give $30 or more monthly
  • Going on the radio and television in Lagos State from April, 2009
  • Publishing God’s covenants in books
  • Package more Tapes, CDs, DVDs etc.

For more information about becoming a Covenant Partner with Logos Aflame Ministries, call 234-1-803-473-9179 or email info@gracejohnsonministries.org


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