Raising Achievers, Creating Wealth For Missions

Leadership Forum

Providing Leadership and Direction for the Nations!

The Foundation determines the SIZE and HEIGHT of any Building. "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do" Psalm 11:3

This is a bi-monthly forum where leaders from various endeavors of life come together to be helped. The forum is open to professionals, entrepreneurs, pastors and other ministry leaders, and anyone who considers him/herself a leader.

Experienced leaders in various fields are invited as guest speakers.

An annual Leadership Conference is held regularly in the 3rd weekend of September in Lagos, Nigeria.

Pastor Grace has been involved in several Leadership Conferences within and outside of Nigeria. She believes that no church can be stronger than its leaders, and no nation can make significant progress without dynamic leadership. The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ has the answer to the leadership challenges of our time.

Pastor Grace and her guest speakers focus their teachings on: doctrines of the Bible, administration, management, wealth creation, mentoring, accountability, transparency, integrity, ethics and the likes.